I mainly want to create this to tell others my story and to help others get on track to a HEALTHY lifestyle. I am recovering from a long battle with an eating disorder. I have started a new path in life to become a happy, confident, and healthy me.

I have never been secure with myself and never happy with the way I looked. After being hospitalized I discovered that this wasn’t going to be easy, and I knew it wasn't something I could overcome easily. It's hard. I have to work at it each and every day. Some days are harder than others, but I have the support of family and friends and hopefully you guys to get me through it. I want to be a motivation for others to be healthy and realize how beautiful they are inside and out.

I have never been overweight, but I was always kind of chunky and never really confident with myself. I took dance growing up, and got involved with cheerleading in high school (so I stayed rather active). I have just recently lost 25 pounds and I feel great! The best and most exciting part, even better than losing the weight is, I did it in a healthy way! I am so proud of myself and I honestly proved to myself something that I thought was unachievable.

I am at a healthy weight of 125lbs. and I am 5'5". This is something I thought I could never do or want to do. It is possible and if you have any will power what so ever you can do it too. Please ask questions if you have any. I will try to get the hang of this and get more details out about the tools and knowledge I have learned that have helped me achieve my goals!


Packing Healthy Lunches

Have a bad habit of running late for work and turning to fast food for lunch?? I know I am always on the run and usually lunch is the one meal I have a hard time adjusting for. This is why I try to pack my lunch!

You can really benefit from packing your lunch:

  • no last minute fast food choices
  • feel better about youself
  • feel fuller longer
  • cut more than half the calories that you might of had
  • no greasy bloated feeling post-meal

Start by making a week long list of different lunches you may like throughout the week. I generally make sure I stock up on lunch meat, bread, wraps, fruit, snack bars, yogart,sugar free jello, jam, and peanut butter. These are all simple and easy ingredients to make a variety of different lunches. Also CHEAP-hense I am a full time college student!

Sample Lunch:

1 Cup Strawberries

Turkey Wrap loaded with veggies (stay away from cheese if you can)

If you want a dressing-use something low fat or replace with avacado!

Stay within 300 calories and mix it up weekly. Trying new things will help boost your metabolism and you will end up burning more calories! :)

*If you tend to be in a hurry a lot (like me) prepare and pack the night before. I treated myself to a lunchbox monogramed with my initials. It really motivated me to pack my lunch each day (and I look cute doing so)!*

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